Haryana State Roads and Bridges Development Corporation Ltd.

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1.0 On behalf of Governor of Haryana, Superintending Engineer, Jhajjar Circle, PWD (B&R) Jhajjar invites sealed tenders on two envelope system on prescribed forms from Consultants empanelled by the HSRDC, Haryana PWD (B&R), NHAI, MORT&H and the consultants who have ever participated in the bids at HSRDC, for preparation of Detailed Project Report, for development and improvement of following road:-


Sr. No.

Name of Road

Length (kms)

Earnest Money

Cost of Bid document


Four lanning of Jhajjar Dadri Road including provision of Bye-Passes wherever required.


Rs. 50000/-

Rs. 2000/-


Date, time & place of pre bid meeting Earnest Money

Last date and time of receipt of bids Time and date of opening of Technical



Name of Officer to whom bids are to be submitted

Place of opening of bids Officer inviting bids



Date 29.07.2013 Time 11:00 Hours in the office of Superintending Engineer, PWD

(B&R) Circle Jhajjar. Rs. 50000/-

Date 05.08.2013 Time 12:00 Hours Date 05.08.2013 Time 15:00 Hours


Superintending Engineer, PWD (B&R)

Circle Jhajjar & DGM-IV, HSRDC, Jhajjar.


O/o Superintending Engineer, PWD (B&R) Circle Jhajjar.


Superintending Engineer, PWD (B&R) Circle Jhajjar.




2.0     Tender notice is being issued/sent to all empanelled consultants of PWD (B&R),

HSRDC & MORT&H by post. PWD (B&R), Haryana shall not be responsible for any

postal delay in receiving the tender notice. 3.0 Tender documents may be purchased from the office of Deputy General Manager -IV, HSRDC, Jhajjar upto 02.08.2013, 17:00 hours on all working days for a non-refundable fee of Rs. 2,000/- by Demand Draft of any Scheduled bank payable at Jhajjar in favour of DGM-IV, HSRDC, Jhajjar. The tender documents can also be downloaded from website www.hsrdc.in, www.haryanapwd-bandr.org. & www.haryanapmgsy.etenders.in . If down loaded, the cost of tender documents will be paid alongwith the submission of Technical Bid and if the same is not done, the bid shall be summarily rejected.

4.0 The tender documents shall be submitted in two separate sealed envelopes viz. Envelope-I containing Technical Bid and Envelope-II containing Financial Bid as per instructions given in bid documents. The bidders should see to it that they fulfill the prequalification criteria laid down in the bid documents.

5.0 Completed tender documents in two Envelopes viz. Envelope -I and Envelope-II shall be sealed separately in envelopes super-scribing as Envelope -I, (Technical Bid) and Envelope -II (Financial Bid). The envelop (super-scribing) "Earnest Money for the work" containing the Earnest Money in the form as prescribed in the tender documents shall be placed in Technical bid-Envelope-I. These two sealed envelopes further shall be sealed in the larger envelope super-scribing the name of the work as stated above (alongwith date and time of opening of tenders) which should be deposited to the designated authority upto time and last date prescribed for receipt of tenders. Technical bids shall be opened in the presence of authorized representatives intending to attend the opening. The Financial Bids shall be opened only after assessing suitability as per the technical bids by the PWD (B&R), Haryana. Tenders duly sealed in the prescribed manner above can also be sent through Registered Post/Speed Post/Courier so as to reach the authority not later than the time and date of opening of tenders. Any tender received later than the time and date of opening of tenders shall be rejected and filed in the office unopened.

6.0 Tenders shall be submitted as per "Instructions to Tenders" forming a part of the tender documents.

7.0 Any tender received without Earnest Money in the form as specified in tender documents shall not be considered sand shall be summarily rejected.

8.0 The PWD (B&R), Haryana reserves the right to postpone the tender submission/opening date and to accept/reject any or all tenders without assigning any reasons thereof.

9.0 The PWD (B&R), Haryana assessment of suitability as per prequalification criteria shall be final and binding. Tenderers may note that they are liable to be disqualified at any time during tendering process in case any of the information furnished by them is not found to be true. EMD of such tenderer shall be forfeited. The decision of the PWD (B&R), Haryana in this regard shall be final and binding.

10.0 The validity of the offer shall be 90 days from the date of opening (Technical Bid) of the tender.


For on behalf of Governor of Haryana



Superintending Engineer,

Jhajjar Circle, PWD (B&R) Br.


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